Chess is a unique coffee table deriving from a single acacia wood trunk, hand carved by expert woodworkers and finished with an antique oriental finishing of wood carbonization. With its elegant and classy look, it can be more than just a living room coffee table. Indeed, it can be used as a stool as well as a nightstand, as a bathroom side table as well as a design piece. Its geoemtric aspect and the union of sharp angles with curved lines make it a unique, refined and particular piece of furniture, able to stand out with sobriety within the environments it is fit into. Each item is handmade and manufactured from a solid wood trunk, therefore has unique characteristics and looks. Wood grains, cracks and slightly different shapes need to be considered as a peculiar characteristic to this product.

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  • Dimensions
    45x45x50h cm
  • Material
    Solid Teak Wood 

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