bespoke solutions for professionals

,Kuda is constantly aiming to give custom and exclusive interior solutions.

/ solidity and sophistication

/ uniqueness and tactile ambition,

/ traditional woodwork

/ artistic research in design shapes

In this scenario, Kuda shares its skills, commitment and ambition with professionals, constantly looking for new stimulus and alternative signatures to private houses, hospitality or public spaces, assisting architects, interior designers and project managers in the research and selection of furniture and accessories for wide range of clients. Solid woods, traditional manufacturing, mass productions associated with one-off handcraft products, ideal to furnish precious spaces.

Thanks to a varied selection of products and finishes, Kuda gives alternative opportunities for multiple spaces, such as an intimate home interior, a chaotic hotel reception or a vibrant co-working space. Indeed, Kuda’s design products, characterized by their strong baldness and particularity, fit the widest range of spaces, also thanks to their high customising options.

private houses / villas

offices / studios / coworking

hotellerie / restaurant /café


Wood essences, finishes and measures are highly adaptable according to professionals needs, so to be forged according clients’ needs. Plus, Kuda takes advantage of relevant knowledge and skills which were handed over to the team by a family tradition, which involved years in the furniture field and that helped developing a serious and committed approach for a real tailor-made customer experience. 


Kuda wishes to share expertise and passion to develop ever more challenging projects, assisting professionals in their creative journey, controlling the whole manufacturing processes, and granting full coverage with a major dedication to clients’ utter satisfaction.