design boutique in the heart of 5vie art+design district

In 2018, Sophie Wannenes had a winning intuition: transforming her studio into something in between a design boutique and a luxurious Milanese apartment, where finely decorated rooms host exclusive and selected pieces.

With the desire to make this project grow, in 2020 PalermoUno leaves its original headquarters in Brera to move to a larger space in via Santa Maria alla Porta, in the centre of the 5Vie art + design district.

It is in this large and bright space that the careful selection of emerging Italian and international designers goes on stage, in a succession of elements that convey the research and passion of their creators.

Kuda had the honour of becoming part of this project, showcasing a series of iconic elements in the showroom, including Trip Coffee Tables as well as Zago and Chess stools. Alongside these, new but already iconic furnishings are shown, such as Paloma lounge chair and Nao cabinet.